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Charlotte Fort Mill Newborn Photographer | Preteen Room Makeover {Corbin’s room}

I know this is a blog all about being a newborn photographer, but I had to show off my Corbin’s room makeover. This room in our house was my studio. I recently moved the studio out of our house and relocated it to Main Street in Fort Mill, SC… to come. My big boys were sharing a room and I am SO excited for them to have their own space….trust me, if they didn’t kill each other….I was going to kill them.

Corbin asked for a Panther’s themed room. Boys and sports *eyeroll*  Unfortunately, I am surrounded by male sports crazed testosterone, so I decided to make the room a little more of my taste while still sticking to his requested theme. Selfish, yes. Smart, yes. I just couldn’t take another room splashed with team colors, banners, flags, and paint. Sue me. I convinced him that a pallet wood wall would be mega cool and if he let me put one up, I would put his Panther’s strip on it. Deal. So here you go….his room before was beige walls and now it is a preteen mecca.

Charlotte Fort Mill newborn photographer

The pallet was super simple. It looks complicated, but don’t be intimidated. We went on Craig’s list and found a guy who was selling “clean” pallets. I don’t recommend picking up free ones behind a store. Gross. They could have bugs in them and you never know what they were carrying or how they were treated if they are stamped. The clean ones are stamped “HT”, which stands for heat treated. We paid $40 for an 8×5 pallet that had 20 boards on it. It took a little less than 2 pallets to cover this wall and it’s a pretty big wall. After getting the pallets home, my hubs broke them down. We used a reciprocating saw and sawed through the nails. Super simple. Sounds scary, but again….don’t be intimidated….just be careful.

Charlotte Fort Mill newborn photographer

After breaking the pallets down, we sanded each board. The ends of the nails were still in the boards, so we sanded the other end of them and each board to get rid of the yucks and to smooth them out just a bit. You don’t want to take ALL the texture out or you might as well just buy new boards from Lowes. Next, I stained each board. I used a combination of 2 different stains and several shades of diluted grey paint. I found that the diluted grey paint worked really well to make them look weathered.

Charlotte Fort Mill newborn photographer

Once all the boards were distressed, it was time to hang this bad boy. The hubs screwed 2x4s into the studs in the wall. There are 6 total because it’s a good size wall. He then used a nail gun to nail the wood to those 2x4s. The nails you see in the wall were from the original pallets, but aren’t actually nailed into the wall. He started at the top, so if got a little funky at the bottom, we could cover it with the baseboard. That’s basically it. I added the Panther stripe as promised with diluted blue and black paint. I used Annie Sloan dark wax to make it look a little aged, so it didn’t stand out so much and added his name to finish it off. I chalk painted an old bed we had with black chalk paint and dark wax, so it matched the rustic look of the wall, but also blended with the furniture he already had. Throw in a few coordinating items and we can call this one a win 🙂 Not too shabby for a little ole newborn photographer.


Alissa 🙂
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